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About Us

About ZG Africa Advocates
About Zg Africa Advocates


ZG Africa Advocates is a dynamic and evolving law firm providing a full range of legal services in Tanzania. Our team of lawyers is dedicated not only to deliver but also to add value and exceed our clients’ expectations. Our lawyers are multi-legal specialists, with immense experiences to handle a broad range of legal matters.

Our firm envisages at striving for excellence by consistently providing our clients with solu- tions tailored to their business needs. simulta- neously adhering to ethics regulations and the integrity of Our Legal Profession.

We also strongly believe in delivering legal aid to our surrounding communities and provide pro-bono legal services.

We understand that our daily operations have an impact on the environment through the use of energy in our offices, in our motor vehicles , and the use of paper and other goods and services as well as the disposal of our waste.

We have developed climate-related risk policy, which outlines our approach to minimizing our impact to the environment, and therefore we take responsibility of managing our envi- ronmental impact.

Our Vision

ZG Africa Advocates envisions to become one among the top Africa’s most trusted law firm that relies on digitization to increase customer experience, and to provide legal services to undeserved Africa popu- lation through digital innovation.

Why Clients Choose Us?

Expertise and Specialization: We have expertise and specialization in the relevant practice areas.We’re a strong track record and deep knowledge in the specific legal areas that align with the client’s needs, it increases the likelihood of being chosen.

Client-Focused Approach: We prioritize their needs and provide personalized attention. Taking the time to understand the client’s objectives, actively listening to their concerns, and tailoring legal strategies accordingly can set your firm apart.

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